The Texas State Auditor’s Office and The Texas A&M University System (System) – Internal Audit have audit reporting requirements in addition to typical audit processes. To ensure the university’s compliance with these requirements, it is imperative that Tarleton State University’s Office of University Compliance be notified of upcoming audits, the outcome of audits, and prior to engaging auditing services for a third-party audit or review. University Compliance will work with applicable departments, programs and administrators to ensure compliance with these regulatory reporting requirements.  

University Compliance staff are available to provide resources and to assist university departments, programs and administrators in facilitating federal, state, System Internal Audit, and third-party audits and reviews.

University Compliance staff are also available to assist with both on-campus and virtual audits including, but not limited to:

  • setting up auditor temporary work spaces;
  • requesting auditor access privileges for applicable university software systems;
  • organizing audit meetings between auditors and university staff;
  • assisting in tracking and the timely submittal of requested documentation and information;
  • monitoring audit progress and follow-up;
  • tracking implementation of audit recommendations; and
  • other internal post-audit reviews.

Department, Program and Process Reviews and Assessments

University Compliance staff are also available to assist departments, programs and administrators in conducting internal department or program reviews and assessments. This can include helping staff and faculty develop, review, and maintain internal department written procedures to ensure compliance with System policies and regulations as well as Tarleton rules and procedures. Please see Tarleton’s policy webpage for applicable System policies and regulations and Tarleton rules and procedures.