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Tarleton State University cares about our students’ academic success, as well as their emotional and physical well being. As a result of this commitment, we provide numerous services across campus that responds to our students’ individual needs. However, there are occasions when students do not ask for help when they need it. So in an effort to identify those students, Tarleton has created a network of campus-wide professionals that are committed to a caring, confidential program of identification, intervention and response. This will enhance our students’ opportunity for success and provide our community with the greatest level of security.

Our goal is to help provide our community with practical tools that will encourage communication, collaboration and referral of students of concern, while also helping to assure that interventions are afforded efficiently and effectively without infringing on relevant student rights. Prevention is the key.

The goals for this website include:

  • Inform you about the CARE Team and how it functions;
  • Provide additional campus and community wide resources.
  • Include the link for you to refer a student of concern.


Tarleton State University is vigilant regarding the safety and mental health status of our students. To accomplish this, Tarleton is taking proactive steps to maintain processes and procedures pertaining to the identification and referral of students of concern, defined as students who may be at risk of harm to self or others. Practical interventions are in place that allow for communication and collaboration regarding these students so that assistance is afforded efficiently and effectively without infringing on relevant student rights. The goal is to assist any student experiencing problems that might lead to disruptive or dangerous behaviors, and diffuse the situation in a safe and helpful manner.

CARE Purpose

Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team is scheduled to meet weekly to gather, consolidate, and discuss information from various constituents and referrals bases. They will, through free discussion, screen for threats to self, dangerousness, etc., in order to make decisions regarding predispositions and follow up as needed to assist the student(s).

Unless the referee is anonymous, the committee will determine the type of follow up that is needed with the person(s) who initiated the referral, and which team members are best fitted to make these contacts (situation dependent). The committee will determine whether a hearing with the student and/or the referee will be needed in order to make informed decisions regarding appropriate follow up.

CARE members will serve as consultants to the surrounding area regarding the referral of students who may pose potential risk of harm in the community.

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