What is Tarleton?

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Where is Tarleton?

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Degree Programs

Tarleton has an abundance of degree programs! Degree programs are split into seven colleges including:

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College of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesCollege of BusinessCollege of Education
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Mayfield College of EngineeringCollege of Health SciencesCollege of Liberal and Fine Arts
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College of Science and Mathematics 


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The average cost of a student living on campus for a school year is $25,253. Compared to other popular public colleges in Texas, like A&M or UTD, this is thousands of dollars cheaper. Not only is it cheaper, the programs are exemplary as well!

It is possible to receive an out of state waiver based on the amount of scholarship money you receive!  Our Guaranteed Scholarship Program awards students up to $5,000 dollars a year!


Tarleton traditions range anywhere from pennies left at the foot of a statue during finals week, all the way to the oldest spirit group in Texas – the Purple Poo.

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What is Tarleton Blog

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