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The official large and petite Tarleton rings display the Tarleton State University Seal on the top. On the left side is the graduation year, along with the light poles that were installed in the late 1920s and a tree indicating how each county in Texas is represented by a tree on Tarleton’s campus. On the right side is the student’s degree letters, the Administration Building that was built in 1984, the front gates that were given to the University by the Classes of 1932 and 9134, and the post oaks that are the largest trees on Tarleton’s campus.

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The official ring of Tarleton State University embodies the pride and possibility that has built our heritage of excellence and achievement since 1899. It is a lasting symbol of your lifelong connection to Tarleton and unites us as family members of Tarleton State University. These shared core values, traditions and unique characteristics of Tarleton are passed on with each graduating class. The official Tarleton State University ring serves as a constant reminder of the lifelong friendships and incredible achievements that you have gained. The official ring also tells the world that you are loyal to the Tarleton heritage and proud to be affiliated with the prestige and distinction reserved for Tarleton alumni.

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Class Ring Significance

This beautiful, commemorative ring was designed by a committee of alumni and students with the goal of achieving a unique and meaningful design. The top of the official ring is adorned with the traditional border of the University seal encircling the Tarleton “T”- embracing you as a member of the Tarleton family. The sides reflect lasting campus traditions…the campus gates and canon surrounded by the oaks and antique lamp posts that characterize the campus. Symbolizing the modern aspect of Tarleton, the ring features the impressive architecture of the administration building.

The Tarleton State University class ring was the first ring in the world to feature series numbering as part of the design. As graduates and alumni order the new ring, a series number is etched into the outside of the ring adding to the tradition and meaningful achievements it represents. Whether your ring has #1 or number #2,862 etched on the outside, it should be a valued treasure for a lifetime.

Ring Eligibility

The Official Class Ring is reserved exclusively for graduates and students who have completed 60 cumulative credit hours. Eligibility is determined at the beginning of each long semester. When a student completes 60 hours, they will be invited to purchase a ring the beginning of each semester. 

Ordering Your Ring

The Tarleton Alumni Association, in partnership with Jostens, hosts “Ring Days” each long semester. View rings and purchase options on the Jostens website.Ring orders placed during Official Ring Promotion Week

Students who purchase their ring during the official fall or spring Ring Days hosted by the TAA and Jostens will receive an invitation to the Ring Ceremonies held during Family Weekend each fall semester. Students only will receive an invitation to their class ring ceremony in the mail.

Recipients who do not attend a ring ceremony can pick up their ring at the Tarleton State University Alumni Association office at 343 McIlhaney the next business day AFTER the ceremony. Any rings not picked up will be transferred back to Jostens to be shipped to the recipient.Ring orders placed at all other times

In accordance with the tradition set forth by the students and faculty of Tarleton State University, all rings ordered will be held until the subsequent Ring Ceremony. Students who do not wish to participate in the ceremony may pick up their ring at the Tarleton State University Alumni Association office at 343 McIlhaney the next business day AFTER the ceremony or arrange delivery with a Jostens representative.

Ring Ceremony

taa ring ceremony

The Tarleton Alumni Association hosts an Official Class Ring Ceremony during Family Weekend each fall semester. All students that purchase a ring during “Ring Days” across Tarleton’s campuses will receive an invitation to participate in the Ring Ceremony. During the ceremony in the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center, family and friends can watch as students are given their official Tarleton State University ring. Students follow the tradition of having their ring hand signed by the Purple Poo, as well as photos at Alumni Island.

Alumni who order an official class ring and wish to participate in a class ring ceremony should contact the Alumni Association.

Students unable to attend their designated Official Class Ring Ceremony may select to attend a future ceremony by calling the Office of Alumni Engagement to RSVP and bringing their ring to the ceremony.