The Texas Commission on Human Rights Act (1983) prohibits discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, genetic information, and disability. 

This law, as well as 1 TAC 2061 TAC 213, and 10 TGC 2054.451, apply to The Texas A&M University System because our programs and activities receive state funding:

  • 1 TAC 213 includes the accessibility standards for all electronic and information resources (EIR) for institutions of higher education
  • 1 TAC 206 is the accessibility standards for web content
  • 10 TGC 2054.451 ensures institutions of higher education provide all users, no matter their ability, access to and use of electronic and information resources

EIR Accessibility Coordinator (EIR AC)

1 TAC 213.14 created the EIR AC to ensure each agency and institution of higher education complies with Texas EIR Accessibility statutes and rules to provide accessibility. Tarleton State University’s EIR AC is D’Ann Jackson.

All Texas A&M University System members have an EIR AC, and they collaborate on ways to improve procedures the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) describes in their roles and responsibilities.


State Rules and Guidelines

State Committees and Guides