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Web Accessibility Policy

It is the policy of Tarleton State University that all new or redesigned University web pages and web content shall be accessible to, and usable by, all users (see SAP 29.01.04.T0.01, which supplements System Regulation 29.01.04 Accessibility of Electronic Information Resources). The University has adopted the Texas Administrative Code §206.70 Accessibility Standards.

Accessibility Coordinator

The Accessibility Coordinator's primary responsibility is to monitor and report on the University's adherence to SAP 29.01.04.T0.01. If you use assistive technology and the format of any material on our web sites interferes with your ability to access the information, please contact Karole Schroeder, Tarleton State University's Electronic and Information Resource (EIR) Accessibility Coordinator, at 254-968-1819 or




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