Welcome to the Texas Social Media Research Institute

We are pleased you are visiting the website of the Texas Social Media Research Institute at Tarleton State University. This institute is a cross-collaborative initiative consisting of faculty, staff, and students from various campuses who are focused on social media in Texas.


  • To serve as the primary resource for: social media policy development, social media partnerships between organizations, and promoting positive community participation through social media. 


  • To provide undergraduate research experiences for Tarleton State University.
  • To serve as a informational resource for governmental organizations (national, state, local), educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.
  • To serve as a social media training and development resource for the greater Texas business and non-profit community (including One-Day Workshops for Social Media Professionals, Two-Day Social Media Camps).

If your non-profit organization or business would like to form a partnership with TSMRI, please contact us: 254-307-8211 or [email protected].

Meet Our TSMRI Scholars/Board Members

Meet Our TSMRI Undergraduate and Graduate Student Fellows

Our Social Media Faculty Fellows are:

  • Ahmet Aksoy, Texas Tech University

Our Social Media Industry Fellows are:

  • Renata Maron, Newco PayTV Group (Brazil)
  • Anna Laurent, M.A., Tarleton State University
  • Lauryn Harris, Tarleton State University
  • Angela Castillo, Texas Wesleyan University
  • Shitara Taylor, Tarleton State University

Our Social Media Graduate Fellows are:

  • Sydney Brown, Tarleton State University

Our Social Media Undergraduate Fellows are:

  • To Be Announced

For more information on the next Texas Social Media Conference conference, visit Texas Social Media Research.

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