Instructions for Viewing Curriculum Vitae

All of the curriculum vitae are available in one PDF document.

You can find a particular faculty member’s vita by:

  • After opening the PDF, locate the “find” box (if there isn’t already a Find/Search box for the PDF at the top of the document, you can press CTRL + F to make it display. In some browsers the Find box will appear at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top.)
  • In the Find box, type in the last name of the faculty member you are looking for. Example: if you are looking for Dr. Wayne Atchley, type “atchley” in the Find box and press Enter.
  • If the first result is not what you are looking for, press the “Next” or right-arrow button to the right of the Find box to advance to the next search result.

Please note that the Find utility will only search for items based on exact spelling and order of terms. For instance, if you search for “Psychology 505”, you will not receive the correct result if the term is actually displayed in the document as “PSY 505.”

You may also type other keywords in the Find box, such as email address, college, department, university names, course names (example: PSY 505), journal article keywords, and any other term that might appear in the document.