Pre-Med and Pre-Dental

Pre-Med and Pre-Dental programs are not majors. Students wishing to pursue future admission into medical and dental schools may choose any major at Tarleton provided they compete certain required courses. The minimal courses requirements for Texas medical and dental schools are:

  • Biology – Two years as required for a college science major, including laboratory work
  • Chemistry – One year of General Chemistry and one semester of Organic Chemistry, including corresponding laboratory experience
  • Physics – One year as required for a college science major, including laboratory work
  • Mathematics – One-half year of college calculus or statistics
  • English – One year of college English

Medical Physics Track

Tarleton’s Medical Physics Track is specifically designed to provide course work beyond the minimum requirements for admission to either medical or dental school.

It also provides more than the minimum requirements for other pre-professional programs including Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Therapy, and Pre-Optometry. 

With just a couple of courses, the program also meets requirements for Pre-Vet.

Our first graduate scored in the top 2% of all U.S. Students on the MCAT (a Tarleton Record) and was accepted into UT Southwestern Medical School for Fall 2012. Since that time, we have had graduates accepted to graduate medical physics program at Duke, MD Anderson, UC San Diego, and Oregon State as well as summer internships from the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

In addition, for the past twenty years, physics and bioengineering majors have been either first or second on the MCAT exam used for medical school admission. (See the Medical Physics Flyer with the latest MCAT survey results).

Medical Physics Brochure – US Bureau of Labor Statistics