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Student Services & Programs!

The mission of International Student Services and Programs at Tarleton State University is to improve and be more intentional with the University’s international focus by supporting a campus culture of global awareness. The aim of International Programs is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for the international student community, expand international experiences for all students, improve multiculturalism, enhance international scholarly opportunities, and facilitate partnerships with foreign institutions.

The information in this website is relevant to all international students with or seeking F-1 student visas at all academic levels. As an international student maintaining your immigration status is crucial for the successful completion of your degree. 

International Programs provides an array of student support services to help you navigate your new academic, personal, and cultural environment. We are here to help you maintain status during your time at Tarleton and provide you with the most supportive environment for your academic, professional, and personal growth. Navigate our website to learn about the services and programs we offer. Email [email protected] to introduce yourself, ask for additional information or let us know how we can assist you.

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Admissions Information

For information regarding admission to Tarleton State University for international students, please visit the following links based on your current admission status:

Community and Belonging

We strive to provide opportunities for you to participate and connect both on-campus and with the community. Check out Student Global & Community Connections calendar of events. Don’t miss out!

Meet Our Staff

Christine Pruitt, M.Ed. Senior International Advisor II/PDSO

Shaquinnsha Hilliard Program Coordinator

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 [email protected]