Students exploring the mine during a field trip.

Students exploring the mine during a field trip.


Museum programs are designed for 4th and 7th grade levels and can be adapted for other age groups upon request. All programs are TEKS aligned.

  • One adult sponsor required per 15 students.
  • Schedule 1 to 1 1/2 hours for a visit.
  • Suggested two weeks advanced planning, longer for your optimal dates.
  • No admission fee for student or home school field trip groups.
  • The W. K. Gordon Museum is fully disabled accessible.
  • Drive through bus parking is available.

To schedule a tour please contact Sue Goodman at 254-968-1886 or [email protected] 

Available Programs

Scavenger Hunt

Students will see a short video and experience a hands-on scavenger hunt. They will read, touch, listen and explore the museum to find answers about what life was like for the immigrant coal miners and brick workers in a company-owned town. Students will also learn about primary sources, artifacts and a museum’s purpose.

Self-Guided Tour

Teachers can guide students through the museum exhibits with their own curriculum in mind. The Gordon Museum Education staff will be more than happy to discuss appropriate activities for any grade level or class.