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What can Extension Education programs do for you?

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Extension education programs are educational opportunities offered to individuals interested in taking an adult education course for personal enrichment or professional development. Courses are offered in a wide range of interest areas, including computer applications, graphics applications, web design, professional development, accounting, business applications, foreign languages, personal enrichment, hobbies, and many more.

If you already have a degree, you may take extension education courses to enhance your skills or for career advancement. Tarleton State University’s extension education offers flexible and cost-effective options that encompass everything from programs in creative writing to intensive certificate programs such as medical billing and coding.

What is the difference between Extension Education and Professional Development?

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Picking up a new hobby is fun, and extension education courses can also improve your skills at work and home. Studies are now showing that investing time into the arts sparks areas of the brain that improve cognitive skills such as memory and concentration. Did you know that learning how to play the violin or learning a new language, or taking a cooking class at your local community center or college could uncover a hidden talent?

Professional development refers to the process of identifying goals and learning new skills to help a person grow and succeed at work. The professional world is becoming increasingly competitive and is constantly changing, so professional development and continual learning is more important than ever in being successful and achieving career goals. Take advantage of professional development to expand your knowledge base, boost your confidence and credibility and increase earning potential and hireability.

What is the difference between a certificate program and a certification?

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Certificate Programs are generally non-degree programs that are shorter, more flexible and generally more affordable than degree programs. They are geared towards those who are looking for short-term training leading to immediate employment.

Certification Programs are an efficient, fast-paced academic program that focuses on teaching a career-specific or industry-specific skill set. Certification programs may carry credits and may be prerequisites for licensure.