Energy Conservation

Due to the large usage of utilities and because of significant rate increases in recent years, energy conservation has become a vital concern. Energy management is the most effective method available to minimize the continually rising cost of energy consumed in buildings. By applying effective energy management practices, energy waste can be eliminated.

Energy management measures are as follows:

  • Buildings indoor temperatures will be maintained between 70 to 74 when occupied, and maintained between 55 and 85 when unoccupied.
  • All exterior doors and windows should remain closed to prevent the infiltration of outside air.
  • Closing blinds or curtains will help maintain comfortable conditions by forming barriers against the outside environment.
  • Turn off computers or monitor, lights, and other energy consuming equipment when you leave or when equipment is no longer in use.


  • No personal fans or electric heaters are permitted.

Services Available

Request for Heating and Cooling

Temperature control and scheduling systems are set to provide properly conditioned air in offices and classrooms during scheduled occupied hours. Offices are normally scheduled from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Classrooms and lecture halls are scheduled according to the Astra Report. Faculty or Staff may request conditioned air outside of scheduled hours, or for immediate attention to any problems with conditioned air, call the Control Center at 9265.

Control Center

The Control Center is located next to the Dining Hall on the corner of Vanderbilt and Cain Street. The Control Center provides 24 hour utility and emergency service to the campus community. The procurement and administration for electricity, natural gas, water and heating fuel is managed through this office. All energy management records, statistics, reports and administrative functions are conducted through this office.

Utility Reporting