Communication Studies, B.A.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies provides concentrations in Journalism and Broadcasting, Public Relations and Event Management, and Professional and Relational Communication that are offered on select campuses. Only the Professional and Relational Communication concentration is offered on the Fort Worth campus.

Construction Science and Management, B.A.S

Construction graduates gain knowledge valued by all facets of the construction industry: structural systems, soils, site development, surveying, contract administration, building modeling, estimating, scheduling, and evaluating project performance. Students graduating with the B.A.S. in Construction Science and Management possess the skills and knowledge to compete in a regional, national, and international job market.

Kinesiology, B.A.A.S.

The BAAS in Kinesiology is an alternative pathway to the bachelor’s degree for students who have acquired substantial content knowledge and requisite skills as a result of documentable technical training and professional work experience in a field or fields related to Kinesiology.