Master of Science in Agricultural and Consumer Resources

Gain a deeper knowledge of your chosen career field while building leadership, vocational, research and animal science-related skills. At Tarleton, our flexible master’s degree program in agricultural and consumer resources is designed for working professionals who have completed a bachelor’s degree in agricultural services and development, an undergraduate agribusiness degree or another agriculture-related discipline.

Choose from the following program options:

  • Leadership Concentration (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
  • Agribusiness Concentration (Thesis or Non-Thesis)
  • Teacher Certification (Non-Thesis)

A non-thesis student can complete the program in as quickly as a year, minimizing the time away from work and maximizing the long-term benefits.

Program faculty are dedicated to our graduate students and will work closely with you to develop a master’s degree plan tailored to your career goals and personal needs. You can attend classes 100% online, entirely on campus or a hybrid of the two, which allows you to continue to work while completing degree program requirements at a distance.

What is Agricultural and Consumer Resources?

The job market for agricultural and consumer resources graduates is experiencing a shortage. The peak hiring season for agricultural and extension education runs from March to July, with the majority of job openings calling for certified teachers in agricultural education. With the structure and rigor required in today’s very competitive and ever-changing global marketplace, the master’s degree in agricultural and consumer resources at Tarleton increases the professional competence of agricultural science teachers, extension agents, and other professionals pursuing agricultural careers or jobs with an agribusiness degree requirement.

Earning your master’s degree in agricultural and consumer resources can help lead to career advancement and promotions, as well as an annual salary increase, within Texas AgriLife Extension and other local and state agencies.

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36 Credit Hours (12+ months)

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What Can You Do With Your Master’s Degree in Agricultural and Consumer Resources?

Many of our graduate students are already experienced in agricultural education, agricultural extension, agricultural communication, agricultural development, agricultural sales and agribusiness or agricultural business management. An agricultural and consumer resources master’s degree helps you gain a deeper understanding of the concepts and skills necessary to take on active leadership roles in any of these fields.

For example, these are just a few of the places where our graduate students are employed:

  • Government and state agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Meat-packing plants
  • Independent school districts
  • Texas Farm Bureau
  • AgTexas Farm Credit Services
  • Dynamic Environmental Services
  • United Ag and Turf

Careers in Agricultural and Consumer Resources

Tarleton State University is proud to claim more agricultural science teachers and extension/4-H agents than any other university in Texas.

Why Study Agricultural and Consumer Resources?

Reach the next level of career readiness through a combination of research, hands-on learning and in-class instruction.

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Study in state-of-the-art facilities

Learning happens beyond the classroom. The Agricultural Communication Labs provide opportunities to gain hands-on experience using modern technology and equipment to build skills in agricultural video production, event management, photography and publication development.  The Agricultural Mechanics Laboratories include individualized instruction with hands-on activities in metals, construction and engine theory. The Tarleton Agriculture Center consists of nearly 700 acres, including swine and meat labs, poultry facilities and centers for animal and plant sciences, dairy and aquaponics.

What Classes Will You Take as an Agricultural and Consumer Resources Major?

The flexibility of our agricultural and consumer resources master’s degree means you can choose courses in one or more disciplines that best help you achieve your career goals. Topics range from extension education, international education and agricultural education to technical agriculture and agricultural business management.

For example, in the National FFA Convention – Study Trip course, undergraduate and graduate students travel to the National FFA convention held each fall to get a behind-the-scenes look at the logistics of planning and executing one of the largest student events in the country. In the Pursuit of Purple/Mobile Broadcasting course, graduate students create, plan and execute a steer show that is also live broadcasted through the internet for unique opportunities in event management, production, media and broadcasting.

View all required classes for the agricultural and consumer resources master’s degree.


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