Tarleton State University requires that all academic programs’ student-learning assessment include at least one objective related to student competence with discipline-appropriate technology. Specifically, the Tarleton Technology Vision, as approved by Academic Affairs on 12/16/2004, reads:

Academic Programs

Academic programs will effectively integrate technology in teaching and communications to enhance learning, research and classroom administration. The responsibility for integrating technology into an academic program’s curriculum or instruction resides within the department.

As technologies evolve and are used within disciplines, departmental faculty will determine if changes to programs are warranted. This process depends on an open dialogue between faculty and their department heads. To support this process:

  • Academic programs will review their curriculum to determine the appropriate technologies and instructional strategies that can be integrated into the curriculum.
  • Academic departments will set appropriate goals on the use of technology within their strategic plans and evaluate accordingly.

Students: Technology Literacy

Tarleton will incorporate advanced technology skills into student’ academic major programs as appropriate and will assess student learning outcomes pertaining to those skills.

Expectations for students graduating within specific disciplines from Tarleton State University

  • Each academic program will define learning outcomes pertaining to required technology literacy in that discipline beyond those of the general University outcomes. Those expectations should be reflected in learning outcomes of identified required courses in that discipline and thus reflected in the master syllabus for that course.
  • Each academic program will develop mechanisms to assess student learning outcomes for technology literacy.
  • If assessment results indicate improvement is needed, the academic program will develop strategies to modify program curriculum as needed.

Compliance Reference

The Tarleton Technology Vision responds directly to the following SACSCOC requirement:

3.4.12—The institution’s use of technology enhances student learning and is appropriate for meeting the objectives of its programs. Students have access to and training in the use of technology. (Technology use)