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College of Liberal & Fine Arts

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The earliest academies advanced human knowledge through philosophy, critical thinking, and debate. Now, over two millennia later, these methods remain at the core of today's universities and in the curriculum of the College of Liberal and Fine Arts. We align ourselves with Tarleton State University's mission to provide an academically challenging education through exemplary teaching, significant research, and inspired creativity. To this end, the College mission is:

  • To achieve the highest levels of academic rigor by challenging students to develop and employ higher-order thinking skills as they clearly and effectively communicate and debate their ideas with others;
  • To support and enhance the student-centered mission of Tarleton State University through providing our students with a comprehensive general education curriculum of exceptional quality;
  • To provide a globalized curriculum through study-abroad and study-away experiences, through interaction with a diversity of cultures, languages, and perspectives within and beyond America;
  • To engage our quest for human knowledge through forward-thinking faculty research, publication, and student engagement as well as applied learning experiences beyond the classroom;
  • To foster creative expression and artistic value through arts, performances, presentations, and activities;
  • To encourage and prepare students to excel in their chosen professional fields and to contribute as leaders of integrity in human society;
  • To integrate ourselves fully into our community, state and beyond through programming, service, cultural offerings, the arts, and global outreach

COLFA Faculty Award Winners of 2016

Dean Styron

Join in congratulating our award winners for the 2016 Tarleton State University Faculty Awards. View a complete list of winners on the Faculty Awards page.