Explore, Engage, Evolve

At Tarleton , we believe that true leadership is a skill that can be learned by anyone. It’s a process that helps you identify and understand your personal values, the importance of interdependence with others, and your responsibility to contribute to a greater society. Ultimately, leadership is the result of collaboration, empowerment, service and civic engagement.

Ready to go on the leadership journey? Here’s the path we suggest you take:


Take time to learn about yourself and explore your interests. Here’s a few ways to get started:

  • Attend Leadership 101. This is an interactive, 8-part workshop series held each fall that introduces the concepts of modern leadership.
  • Discover the community through Service Saturdays. Small service events are held throughout the fall and spring semester in partnership with various local non-profit and community agencies.
  • Take part in involvement and service fairs. These are offered throughout the academic year and are the perfect opportunity to discover how you can get involved.
  • Attend campus and community events. The Tarleton Activities Board (T.A.B.) offers a lot of free on-campus events that open the door to meeting new people and making connections.

Using what you’ve discovered, take the leap to get involved in what interests you most while expanding your leadership knowledge even further. Here’s how:

  • Go through the Emerging Leaders Program. This is a semester-long experience held each spring that prepares and empowers you for future opportunities.
  • Participate in campus-wide service events. There are plenty to choose from like the National Day of Service in September, or Tarleton Round Up in March.
  • Get involved in an organization (or two) that matches your interests and values. Organization types range from social, academic, spirit, athletic, cultural, or religious.
  • Go on Alternative Spring Break. Take a trip with Leadership & Service Programs and immerse yourself in service in others. Past definitions have included Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina

Once you’ve found your niche, it’s time to commit to what matters most to you. Try one of these:

  • Apply to be a RL or TTM. As a Residential Leader or Tarleton Transition Mentor, you’ll go through intense training programs teaching you how to be a leader and mentor to others.
  • Become an officer in your organization or group. Put the leadership skills you’ve learned and take a more active role in your organization.
  • Serve on one of our leadership teams. Be a part of planning and executing Tarleton Round Up, Alternative Spring Break, service events, and various civic engagement programs by serving on one of student leadership teams.
  • Start your own organization. Working with others towards a common purpose is what leadership is all about. If you identify a missing need on campus, this is a great way to fill that gap while leaving your legacy at Tarleton.

Get involved with Leadership & Service

The Office of Leadership & Service Programs offers a variety of ways to develop your leadership skills and get involved in serving Tarleton and the community.

More Leadership Opportunities

Tarleton has plenty of ways to get involved, lead and serve. Here are some areas outside of the Office of Leadership & Service Programs that many interest you.