Who is Oscar P?

Oscar P, the spirited pet duck, is the cherished symbol of Tarleton State University. Oscar P waddled all the way from Tennessee to Stephenville, Texas, alongside his visionary friend John Tarleton. Together, they took bold steps through wild landscapes, facing challenges with courage. Their unbreakable bond and unconventional journey remind us that determination and friendship can create extraordinary stories that echo through time.


In the 1870s, a man named John Tarleton had a big idea. He wanted to start a university. He wasn’t alone on this journey – his pet duck, Oscar P, was right there with him. They didn’t ride horses or use fancy transportation. Instead, they walked all the way from Tennessee to Texas.

John and Oscar P faced tough challenges during their journey. They walked through wild lands, crossed rivers, and battled storms. Oscar P, the duck, became a special friend to John, and together, they showed that with determination and an unusual friendship, big dreams can come true. When they reached Stephenville, John’s dream came alive as John Tarleton Agricultural College was born. The story of John and his duck reminds us that even the most unusual companions can be part of a remarkable journey that leaves a legacy.

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