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During Psychle® exercise, a client is able to work out at a heart rate of approximately 70% of their maximum heart rate. This is often equal to the exercising heart rate of a person without disabilities.
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The Psycle® is similar in appearance to exercise cycles found in most health clubs but takes as little as two (2) ounces of physical power to move the pedals.
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There are approximately 250,000 individuals in the United States who are presently suffering from a spinal cord injury and roughly an additional 12,000 who are injured each year.
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This LWMB revolves around an apparatus known as the Psycle®, a direct-drive flywheel design, allowing for continuous movement and enabling those who are paralyzed to exercise their legs and torso, thereby giving them a rigorous aerobic workout that actually strengthens their cardiovascular and muscular systems. In essence, the Psycle allows participants to incorporate the same principles of wellness and physical exercise that are recommended for the non-injured population.

The Psycle® was invented by Russell Jennings of Bedford, Texas, who was initially trying to develop a way for his aging mother to exercise. In the beginning, he did not know that those who are disabled by paralysis would be able to pedal it. Jennings and his company, Intellifit Incorporated, teamed up with Joe Priest, Ed. D., Director of the Wellness and Motor Behavior Program at Tarleton, to initiate the program which would especially benefit those who have spinal cord injuries or other neurological disabilities.

LWMB specializes in helping people who have been released from conventional healthcare and usually have had a stroke or injury that has left them paralyzed. The rehabilitation in this laboratory is under the supervision of Tarleton’s kinesiology students. Using the lab is free, all you need is a note from the doctor!

About the Director


Dr. Joe W. Priest, Professor, is a graduate of Texas A&M University-Commerce with a Doctorate in Physical Education (1983). He earned his Master’s Degree in Biology from Sul Ross State University (1972), and his undergraduate work was completed at Sul Ross in 1970 with a bachelor’s of science degree. Dr. Priest has an extensive background in both the public school system while coaching and teaching and also in the corporate fitness world as a former director at the Cooper Aerobics Institute in Dallas. He currently directs the Psycle® program at Tarleton where they train individuals with neurological disabilities. He teaches exercise physiology, kinesiology and electrocardiography along with other classes, and he has been at Tarleton since 1991.

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