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Tarleton Student in regalia shakes Dr. Mike Leese's Hand on stage at commencement.
Commencement is right around the corner. Find stream details, maps and more online!
laptop with canvas open

Canvas is here! Canvas will be replacing Blackboard as Tarleton's learning management tool.

engineering building

Tarleton opens high-tech Engineering Building on Stephenville campus.

Texan Rider wooden desktop wallpaper

Show your Tarleton spirit by downloading our mobile and desktop wallpapers. There are a variety for you to choose from!

student using music board
The Department of Fine Arts will be offering a minor in Music Business this fall! Learn about how this minor can pair with your major.

How To Prep Your Room for Winter Break

By: Brianna Tucker

You have been in the residential hall for a semester and you are preparing to leave for break, now what? We are here to help you get your room prepped and ready to leave for break. The last thing you want is to come back from winter break to find your room, or anything in it, damaged, destroyed or missing.

Your RL will provide you with a list of tasks you must accomplish before you are able to leave. You must then sign a paper provided by your RL.

Here is some helpful information to save you a headache when you return.

Take Valuables and Important Items With You

If you have something of value or great importance in your room, take it with you. Although they are secured, it is always a good idea to take precautions. Remember, the residential halls will be locked over break so make sure you make a checklist of everything you need so that you don’t leave anything behind.

Get Rid of Perishable Items in the Fridge

A common mistake students make is leaving perishable items in their refrigerator. We would hate for you to return back from the break to the smell of rotten food. Also, make sure to unplug it and clean it out good to prevent any electrical issues and odors.

Clean Your Room

Make sure you sweep your room and wipe down all furniture. Most importantly, make sure you take out all trash. This is also a good time to take home clothes or items you won't be needing next semester to lighten your load when you move out in May.

Unplug All Electronics

For fire safety, make sure all of your appliances are unplugged. If you have any that are of high importance, like a TV, computer, gaming console, etc. consider taking them with you.

Set the Thermostat

Make sure your thermostat is set on the appropriate temperature stated by you RL.

Enjoy Your Break

We hope this helps you prepare for departure from the residential halls. Have a fun and safe winter break! See you in January, Texans!

Are you overwhelmed? Concerned about someone? Need to report something? Get help now.

Current student Katelyn Vinson smiling by the John Tarleton Statue
My favorite tradition at Tarleton is all of homecoming week, I love it because of the memories that are made. Every year the memories are always different even though homecoming is all traditions.

Katelyn Vinson