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student receiving diploma
Fall 2018 Commencement is almost here! Check out previous graduation videos.
2018 Winter Wish List
Shop and check "Texan gear" off your wish list this holiday season!
Dr. D and Mrs. D in front of the Trogdon house
See how much Dr. Dottavio has accomplished in his 10 years at Tarleton State University
tarleton gates and flags

Check out our new Virtual Tour and learn more about the campus.

Texan Rider wooden desktop wallpaper

Show your Tarleton spirit by downloading our mobile and desktop wallpapers. There are a variety for you to choose from!

student using music board
The Department of Fine Arts will be offering a minor in Music Business this fall! Learn about how this minor can pair with your major.

Study Tips for Finals Week

Classes are over, and finals are upon us. This typically means late nights, no exercise, and lots of snack food and coffee. However, here are five tips to help you pass your finals and end the semester on a good note:

  1. Dont cram! Instead, make a schedule.
  2. Eat healthy and exercise
  3. Quiz yourself!
  4. Join a study group
  5. Take breaks when needed

These seem simple, but in the stress of finals, they can be easily forgotten. So start studying now and give yourself time to absorb the information and BREATHE!

Good luck.
May the odds be ever in your favor.
May the force be with you.
Go forth and prosper.

Bleed purple!

Final exam schedule for the Fall 2018 semester
Exam Time 8-10:30am 11:30am-2pm 3:00-5:30pm 6:30-9:00pm
Thu Dec 6   TR 12:15 pm and T 12:15 pm All Freshman English, EDU 4315 and 4330 R 5:15pm or later; TR 4:30 pm; TR 6:15pm
Fri Dec 7 Chemistry 1411/1412 and Math 0304 MWF 11:00 am, MW 11:00 am and M 11:00 am Other MWF, MW, WF, MF, M, W and F times not listed on the exam schedule* All other times not listed on the exam schedule*
Sat Dec 8 TR 9:25 am and T 9:25 am TR 3:05 pm and T 3:05 pm TR 10:50 am and T 10:50 am W 5:00pm or later; MW 7:30pm
Mon Dec 10 MWF 9:00 am, MW 9:00 am, M 9:00 am MWF 2:00 pm, MW 2:00 pm, M 2:00 pm MWF 10:00 am, MW 10:00 am, M 10:00 am M 5pm or later; MW 6pm
Tue Dec 11 TR 8:00 am and T 8:00 am All Math 1314 and 0303 TR 1:40 pm, and T 1:40 pm T 5:15 pm or later; TR 7:45 pm
Wed Dec 12 MWF 8:00 am, MW 8:00 am, and M 8:00 am MWF 1:00 pm, MW 1:00 pm, M 1:00 pm MWF 12:00 pm, MW 12:00 pm and M 12:00 pm  

First day of Spring 2019 semester: Monday, January 14.

Are you overwhelmed? Concerned about someone? Need to report something? Get help now.

Current student Katelyn Vinson smiling by the John Tarleton Statue
My favorite tradition at Tarleton is all of homecoming week, I love it because of the memories that are made. Every year the memories are always different even though homecoming is all traditions.

Katelyn Vinson