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Student driver texting and driving with another student in the car.

The State of Texas has passed a new law; it is now illegal to text and drive. Learn more about the restrictions, consequences and how you can keep yourself and others safe. 

Student viewing Student Success Collaborative platform

We are now offering a new system to connect students to campus resources, the Student Success Collaborative. Key features include:

  • Access and print your schedule-at-a-glance
  • Email the Academic Advising Center and/or faculty members
Female student at graduation

Tarleton State University awarded 562 degrees during the August 2017 commencement ceremonies. Check out the graduation experience through graduates' social media posts!

Texan Rider wooden desktop wallpaper

Show your Tarleton spirit by downloading our mobile and desktop wallpapers. There are a variety for you to choose from!

Students and Dr. Dottavio holding texan Allsup's cup in front of Allsup's building

Texans, refills in your Texan Rider cup are only $1.00! Stop by an Allsup's and get one today.

Student with Texan Card and App store icons

Check out the new EASY way to add Texan Bucks to your Texan Card using "GET" funds. Download the app and add funds to your Texan Card at any time!

Tarleton has a new Texan Rider!

Tarleton State University has a new Texan Rider this semester: Laramie Cayenne Gambrell. Gambrell is a 19-year-old theatre major from Tuscola, Texas. 

JTAC sat down with our new Texan Rider on September 15th to discuss her aspirations and what it means to be a part of one of Tarleton's oldest traditions. 

JTAC News: What made you want to try out as the Texan Rider? 

LCG: I fell in love with this school from the moment I toured campus. I was the mascot at my previous school for three years and loved every moment of it. It has always been a goal of mine to be a mascot at the collegiate level and now I'm living the dream. 

I take pride in this school and truly bleed purple. People ask me all the time how I'm able to "make time" for events. What they don't understand is that I don't have to "make time". You make time for jobs. This isn't a job, it's an opportunity. The fact that I am able to show up to every event and share the spirit of Tarleton with the students and community is such a blessing. I love it! 

JTAC News: What is your favorite Tarleton tradition?

LCG: I really like the bonfire because it really brings the community and school together as one. The school president, Purple Poo, band, students, TSU alumni and really just everyone that is a part of the greatest kept secret in Texas. 

Read the full JTAC interview and learn more about our new Texan Rider.

Are you overwhelmed? Concerned about someone? Need to report something? Get help now.

Current student Katelyn Vinson smiling by the John Tarleton Statue
My favorite tradition at Tarleton is all of homecoming week, I love it because of the memories that are made. Every year the memories are always different even though homecoming is all traditions.

Katelyn Vinson