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Tarleton Ambassadors


Who Are the Tarleton Ambassadors?

The Tarleton Ambassadors Organization is a student governed organization established in 1992, originally known as the Tarleton Alumni Ambassadors.  Through service to the mission of the institution, the Tarleton Ambassadors provide personalized interaction with the Tarleton community which enables the creation of valuable relationships with alumni, faculty, administrators, guests and friends of the university that will be beneficial for a lifetime. 

Ambassadors may be called upon to represent the university at social functions both on and off campus; to accompany development officers or other university officials on university business or social calls; to engage in service to the local community; to help plan and execute university functions; and to serve as special event facilitators, ushers, spokes persons and more.

Ambassadors are expected to be familiar with information concerning the university and its history, to attend regularly scheduled meetings, and to conduct themselves at all times, not merely during the actual performance of duties, according to the highest standards of personal integrity and decorum

Students must apply for  membership and are expected to attend all designated events, display a sense of pride for the University, and commit to the organization with its high ideals.

Eligibility requirements as stated in the Ambassadors Constitution:

  • Classified as a full-time student
  • Have completed at least 2 regular semesters at Tarleton
  • Possess a cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Cannot be on scholastic or disciplinary probation with the University.

November 12, 2012

Tarleton Ambassadors Executive Team 2013-2014

Tarleton Ambassador Holiday

Tarleton Ambassadors Hailey and Elizabeth with Chancellor Sharp

2013-2014 Ambassadors

 Hailey Kane, President
 Keauno Perez, Vice President
 Kalee Smith, Secretary/Treasurer
 Elizabeth Ponder, Public Relations/Historian


Jessica Branecky

Kaylee Carlile

Chance Cerda

Stephanie Chambers

Ryan Eaton

John Garza

J.J. Griltz

Hailey Kane

Shelbie Kirk

Bethany Kyle

Scott Newbury

Keauno Perez

Elizabeth Ponder

Leah Ray

Brendan Sar

Kalee Smith