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Let's get healthy Tarleton!

Working on Wellness

Tarleton is Working On Wellness

Worksite Wellness has taken on a fresh look and a new face to guide health and wellness programs for employees at Tarleton State University. 

Begun in January, Revive Wellness was created to increase awareness and participation in all employee wellness events. The program strives to provide experiences that will enrich the lives of Tarleton employees in all aspects of wellness. The team hosts numerous wellness inspired events, provide daily assistance to employees that are needing help with their Fitbits and takes an active approach to creating a more active environment. We have delivered more than 50 new stability balls for employees to use in their offices at Tarleton.  We strive to be readily available to provide a variety of wellness options and service for Tarleton Faculty and Staff members. Revive Wellness received a Chancellor’s Wellness Grant this year with the specific goal of implementing stand-up desks on the Tarleton Campuses. This program will begin this summer and will follow a research protocol with the hopes of the two-year outcomes being published.  Revive Wellness encourages employees to Stand-Up for a healthier campus.

Amy McKay, Assistant Professor in the Department of Kinesiology, has taken the lead and is being assisted by a Graduate Assistant, Blessing Olabode, and Kinesiology Intern, Annie Wilson. The initial challenge for the team was to establish a place to call home. This team of energetic wellness champions has been sharing fun, fitness, and fellowship throughout the university campus.

The Revive Wellness office is now located in the Kinesiology Building room 143. A dedicated phone number has been established at 254-968-1648.  Revive Wellness can also be reached at Please feel free to contact the team for any of your wellness question, thoughts or ideas!

The goals of the program are:

  • Motivate employees to take an active role in improving their health
  • Applicable to anyone who wants to stay healthy, get healthier, or boost their well-being
  • Demonstrate organizational commitment to building a culture of health

As our Wellness Committee continues to work to bring you programs, incentives and education to support your health endeavors, please know that you have the full support of the president and the cabinet.

Wellness Initiatives:

  1. Wellness Release Time: 30 minutes, three times per week for wellness activities
  2. Healthy Meeting Guidelines: Tips on having healthier meetings