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Employee Release Time

Wellness Release Time 

Investing in your wellness has never been easier! Please take a moment to review the new and improved employee Wellness Release Time Policy.

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Benefits of Release Time

Activities That Count: (Anything that can be documented or tracked)

  • Tarleton Rec Center or other gym that records usage
  • Walking the Texan Trail, Running, Cycling (use an app to track)

Activity Tracking Verifications

Document all workouts and activities you are participating in. If you attend class or go to the Tarleton Rec Center be sure to sign in. If you choose to walk or run you can utilize your Fitbit and track any activity.

How Many People Are Participating? 

52 different departments are represented. 118 people applied for release time.

Most Common Activity: Walking

Most Common Time: Mondays at 4:30pm

30 Minute Workouts 

  • Yoga: Connect your mind, body, and spirit with a combination of breathing, strength, flexibility, balance, and relaxation.
  • Pound: Full body cardio jam session, combining light resistance and drumming, using Ripstix.
  • Cardio, Core, & More: A combination of cardio intervals, core strength training stations, and more for a fat burning workout.

For more info visit Tarleton Rec Center

Before and After Workouts 

Pre Workout:

  • Whole wheat toast with peanut butter
  • Protein smoothie (10-20g protein)
  • Oatmeal with fresh blueberries
  • Greek yogurt with trail mix
  • Apple with almond butter

Post Workout: 

  • Chocolate milk
  • Whole wheat tuna
  • Salmon and sweet potato
  • Veggie omelet with avocado
  • Grilled chicken and mixed veggies