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Revive Wellness

As we ‘Renew in 2022’, The Revive Wellness team continues to seek opportunities that will enhance the holistic health and wellness of Tarleton’s employees. Director, Amy McKay, and Coordinator, Audrey Johnston, are eager to reestablish the relationships and programs that were so successful.

As we move forward and grow the program, you will notice all sorts of exciting new components. The program strives to provide experiences that will enrich the lives of Tarleton employees in all aspects of wellness. The team hosts numerous wellness events, creates an active environment, and is readily available to provide a variety of wellness options and services to Full-Time Tarleton Faculty and Staff members.

This is an ever-growing learning program that builds directly from the employee's wants, needs, and feedback. By being Tarleton Forward, Revive Wellness will implement Strategy V-A: Foster a thriving employee experience through meaningful communication, competitive compensation, interprofessional collaboration, and an ongoing commitment to growth and wellness.

Wellness Initiatives

Walking Wednesdays

Revive is walking for wellness. Did you know that walking can impact your work, memory, happiness, productivity, passion, purpose and so much more?! Come find out how we can change these together at our weekly walking group! Revive Wellness encourages all Tarleton Employees to benefit from walking. Get up, take a break and go for a walk to create some fresh energy. Every Wednesday from 11:45-1:15 on Rudder way, so grab a colleague or jump in when you can. Snag a pic with General Earl Rudder so we know you are being actively involved. You absolutely can walk anytime or anyplace, just get those steps in! Tag our social media during your walk so we know you are being active. 

Fruit Bowls

Twice a month the Revive team will distribute fresh fruit across campus for all Tarleton Employees to enjoy. Research finds that food choice can play a factor in your mood and mental health. Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins, minerals and provide health-boosting antioxidants. By having a nutritional option to snack on, employees will boost their energy, mood, and well-being.

Book Club

Revive is excited to begin a new chapter this year by initiating a book club for Tarleton Employees. The members will receive a copy of The Happiness Project and learn tricks and tips to create a happier environment for themselves. This opportunity creates a safe mental and social environment for employees to come together and stay on the same page. The book club will meet on the 3 rd Thursday of each month at 3:00 pm in the multipurpose room of the Library.

Judy, Fan Favorite

Fan Feature Spotlight

This month the Fan Feature will be Judy Geye from the Department of Psychological Sciences. Judy has been a highly active Revive fan by staying involved and supporting the program. Judy’s energy radiates and spreads to other employees who are fortunate enough to encounter her. Judy participated in the Bombas sock event, Page-a-day Calendar event, The Happiness Project book club, is active on Revive social media accounts and is an active member of Walking Wednesdays. We are grateful to have Judy as a Revive fan and Tarleton Employee. Keep being awesome and healthy!