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Request Development

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New Process: We are now using the IT Helpdesk System! Choose "Web Strategy" for request type.

Service Overview

The University Web Strategy office provides user support and problem identification to the Tarleton State University community for:

  • Web Content Management System (Cascade CMS) website updates, access, and troubleshooting for the following domains:
  • Online calendar updates and access (LiveWhale)
  • Online form updates (Wufoo)
  • Interactive campus map updates (Campus Bird)
  • Web application (ASP-based under updates and troubleshooting
  • Web accessibility and security evaluation and troubleshooting

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation are from 8 AM - 5 PM, Monday thru Friday. University Web Strategy will adhere to resolving tickets in the below priority timescales. Response times indicated under Service Level Targets only apply to operating business days.

Service Level Targets

Priority Level



Target First  Response time

Target Solution

Escalate Level


Urgent - Red

Need assistance immediately – time critical or error (I can’t do essential job functions)

1 Hour

Same Day

1 Day


Important - Orange

VIP individual, time important, web content is visible (I can only do limited job functions)

4 Hours

1-5 Days

5 days


Low urgency

Time table is far in the future (I can still work, does not affect daily productivity)

1 Day

3-5 Days

5 Days


No urgency

No urgency, no time restraints (Does not affect my daily productivity)

1 Day

7-10 Days

10 Days

The target solution date is applicable to tasks only when all information from you, the customer, has been obtained in the first day. If there is a delay in obtaining information from the customer, this has the potential to lengthen the target solution date. Any anticipated delays will be communicated to the customer inside the ticket notes.

Escalation Process

If the customer is not satisfied, or the target solution date has been passed, then the customer will be escalated to:

New Website/Revamp Requests

New websites or revamps: In most cases, University Web Strategy or ITS should be able to complete your requested project. Your project request may be reviewed by the Digital Media Advisory Committee (DMAC) to determine prioritization.

For high-level web applications or web software, outsourcing to a 3rd party vendor may be considered. However, outsourcing must follow purchasing guidelines established by the State of Texas. Please Note: Purchasing procedures will be followed when outsourcing and may be subject to the bidding process. Contact Mandy Garrett ( with ITS to discuss your project request.

During the consultation or prior to the project start date, University Web Strategy will work with you to determine the following:

  1. Department/program contact person for the duration of the project.
  2. A start date and timeline, including time for development, a review date, and implementation date.
  3. Mission and goals for the web site in addition to design components that will be needed to support the goals.
  4. Content to be added in the site. The department/program representatives will be expected to provide the website content prior to University Web Strategy starting web template/structure development.
  5. Plan for structure/design of the pages, and how the content will be organized.
  6. The department/organization's plan for keeping web content up-to-date.  The department/organization must identify a person in their area who will be held responsible for keeping the website content updated. Our staff will train the designee to add content and maintain their site using Cascade CMS.
  7. Requirements and expectations of the department/program for web policy compliance, including accessibility, usability, security, and other areas.

Important Information for Departments/Organizations/Programs regarding Tarleton websites

All department, organization, and program websites are required to comply with federal and state accessibility laws and TAMU System/Tarleton web policies. University Web Strategy will inform you of these laws and policies during the consultation as well as during the training. University Web Strategy will also continually inform you of any changes to these laws/policies that you are expected to adhere to.

If your department, organization, or program does not keep website content continually updated or does not comply with accessibility laws or web policies, then said website is subject for removal from the Tarleton web server. Please refer to Website Terms of Service.