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Student FTP using Windows


If you are off campus (did not log into your computer using your NTNET account), then you need to VPN into the Tarleton system to proceed with the following instructions. You will log into with your NTNET account and download the client. Once the client tells you that you are connected to Tarleton, continue with the instructions below.

If you logged into a computer using your NTNET account, proceed to the instructions below.


Go to My Computer (under the Start menu)
*If on Windows 7, look for the Start Iconicon on the bottom left and go to Computer.


In the address bar, type the following:

The username is your old st_ if you created the FTP account before spring 2014. If you created your FTP account during or after spring 2014, your username is your 9-digit UID.

My Computer Window


In the "Log On As" pop-up, enter your web account Username and Password.

Your Password is what you requested when you created a web account with the Web Account Creator Application or if you submitted the Help Desk Ticket for an Individual Account (before June 2012). Should you forget your password, you can find a hint on Web Account Creator Application if you created your account here, or look it up inside the Help Desk Ticket System (before June 2012).

Log on box


The window should now show your files in your account.

If this is the first time you've logged in, the window will be empty.


Copy and paste or drag-and-drop your files into this FTP folder.

Once you have successfully published your files, your student web address will be:

If you did not publish an "index.htm" or "index.html" page, then you will need to type the entire file name out  (i.e.