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Web Analytics for Department or Faculty Websites

If you are interested in viewing data about who visits your departmental or faculty website, how many visits you receive, where visitors are located, which pages are most popular, etc. then you may contact Daphne Hunt to request a Google Analytics report.  Just explain what type of data and time frame you are interested in.

Freeware and Web-Based Software

About Freeware Programs

Freeware and free web-based programs are a great way to achieve more with your web site. On this page we will tell you about some helpful programs that you can use to help manage and get the most from your website.

As we do not control the contents of these off-campus resources, we cannot guarantee what content may show up on their websites. We also cannot guarantee that these companies will continue to support the freeware/software, or that it will always be virus/spyware/malware free. Having said that, we do our best to make sure our list contains only software that we have tested and use ourselves frequently.

Flickr is a free web-based photo storage utility.  Once you create a free account, you can upload your photos into galleries that can be shared over email or as links on webpages.  You can also create slideshows to post on your website.  To see an example, view Dick Smith Library's Flickr page.

Photo Resizer

Need an easy way to resize single and groups of images, but can't afford Photoshop? Try the FastStone Photo Resizer. This program is free, has no adware or spyware, and even has a portable version. It allows you to resize and rename images in a BATCH mode, as well as crop, adjust, rotate, add watermarks, and much more. Download the portable version of this program to your T: drive or flash drive for ultimate portability. You can find the latest version of the program at

Using the FastStone Photo Resizer program is easy. Under the Source box, locate the folder of images you want to use, then choose Add or Add All to add them to your list. Choose the Output format (JPG is best for photos) and Output folder (this is where the new images will be saved). Then select the checkbox for "use advanced options", and select the Advanced Options button.

The Advanced Options window is where you can select image output sizes, among other options. When you select the checkmark box for Resize/Resample, you will see your options pop-up. Select "Resize based on one side" and choose a Width of around 450 pixels. Select OK at the bottom of the window, then Start on the main window. A new window will pop-up showing the program's progress in resizing your files. When it is done, your images will be saved in the Output folder that you specified. So easy!

PDF Creator

This software will allow you to generate a PDF (Portable Document Format) from other programs such as Office, or Internet Explorer. Once installed, the program creates a printer in your windows printers list. When you are ready to create a PDF from any existing document, simply go to File > Print ... and then select the printer. It will ask you to choose where you would like to save your new PDF. Simple!

This program does have a couple of disadvantages. One is that you can't create "fillable forms", or PDFs that you can type data into and save it. It just creates a static PDF of your document, so if you are looking for one of those slick online application forms, you will need to look elsewhere. Try PDF Creator Here

Web Applications

Cascade CMS (Content Management System)

Cascade CMS is a content management system used for maintaining websites here at Tarleton. For more information about this system, visit the Cascade CMS Tutorial Web Site.

LiveWhale Calendar (Online Calendar System)

If you are interested in creating an online calendar for your department or organization's website or gaining access to submit your events, please contact

Wufoo (Online Web Forms)

University Web Strategy can create online submission forms for use with your website. Contact to request a web form, providing the form name and form fields you desire.

Online Surveys (Qualtrics)

Institutional Research and Effectiveness offers a web-based survey tool called Qualtrics. Contact Dr. Mike Haynes at 968-9354 or for more information.