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Request Development

(if you are new to this process, please read the below information first.)

Process for requesting department/program web updates or development:

  • Please submit requests to our online request form.

    • All routine web updates typically are completed within a week from the request date. After you submit your request, it is automatically assigned to someone in University Web Strategy for completion. University Web Strategy may need to contact you if more information is needed.
    • New websites or revamps: In most cases, University Web Strategy or ITS should be able to complete your requested project. Your project request may be reviewed by the Digital Media Advisory Committee (DMAC) to determine prioritization.
    • For high-level web applications or web software, outsourcing to a 3rd party vendor may be considered. However, outsourcing must follow purchasing guidelines established by the State of Texas. Please Note: Purchasing procedures will be followed when outsourcing and may be subject to the bidding process. Contact Mandy Garrett ( with ITS to discuss your project request.

New Website/Revamp Requests

  • During the consultation or prior to the project start date, University Web Strategy will work with you to determine the following:

  1. Department/program contact person for the duration of the project.
  2. A start date and timeline, including time for development, a review date, and implementation date.
  3. Mission and goals for the web site in addition to design components that will be needed to support the goals.
  4. Content to be added in the site. The department/program representatives will be expected to provide the website content prior to University Web Strategy starting web template/structure development.
  5. Plan for structure/design of the pages, and how the content will be organized.
  6. The department/organization's plan for keeping web content up-to-date.  The department/organization must identify a person in their area who will be held responsible for keeping the website content updated. Our staff will train the designee to add content and maintain their site using Cascade Server.
  7. Requirements and expectations of the department/program for web policy compliance, including accessibility, usability, security, and other areas.

Important Information for Departments/Organizations/Programs regarding Tarleton websites:

All departments, organizations, and programs are required to designate a person to provide continual updates to their websites.  If said person leaves, you must notify University Web Strategy immediately to disable their access to the website.  Please also notify University Web Strategy once a new web updater is designated, and update their information in the footer of the website. University Web Strategy can provide updates to your website by request between the time that your designated updater leaves and a new one is trained, but please do not depend on University Web Strategy to provide updates on a long-term basis. 

All department, organization, and program websites are required to comply with federal and state accessibility laws and TAMU System/Tarleton web policies. University Web Strategy will inform you of these laws and policies during the consultation as well as during the training of the designated web updater. University Web Strategy will also continually inform you of any changes to these laws/policies that you are expected to adhere to.

If your department, organization, or program does not keep website content continually updated or does not comply with accessibility laws or web policies, then said website is subject for removal from the Tarleton web server.