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Hazlewood Exemption

Hazlewood Exemption covers Texas Veterans, children using transferred hours (Hazlewood Legacy), and Hazlewood Disabled for children and spouses of disabled veterans.


  • Pays resident tuition and required fees.
  • The Hazlewood Exemption does not require students to be full time however students who are also using other forms of aid such as a VA Chapter benefits or financial aid should consider taking a full course load to maximize those benefits.
  • Recipients can receive up to 150 credit hours of resident tuition and fees exempted.
  • Hazlewood hours will be used to pay for tuition and fees for courses which are dropped after the 12th class day.
  • If Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan payments have already been applied to a student's bill, and the semester in question has already begun or is a prior semester, the Hazlewood Exemption cannot be processed for the semester in question. More information regarding the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan and the removal of payments from student accounts.
  • If a veteran fails to use all of their Hazlewood hours, the veteran or conservator of the hours may reassign the unused hours to a dependent.
  • If a child to whom hours have been delegated fails to use all assigned hours, the veteran or conservator of the hours may reassign the unused hours to another dependent.
  • Only one person may use the Hazlewood Exemption during a given semester and all eligible recipients use the same pool of 150 credit hours of resident tuition and fees exempted to include the veteran.
  • The Hazlewood Exemption is considered to be a financial resource for financial aid purposes and, as such, may reduce a student's other awards (need based scholarships, grants, loans or work-study).

Eligibility Requirements

The Texas Veterans Commission establishes the rules for Hazlewood eligibility. State institutions are required to use these rules to confirm Hazlewood recipient eligibility.

  1. Veteran's DD-214 must indicate:
    • Honorable or General Under Honorable Conditions as character of service.
    • More than 180 days of active duty service, excluding initial entry training as defined in the Texas Administrative Code §461.
    • The Date of Separation must occur prior to the first day of the term for which the exemption is to be claimed.
  2. Veteran must meet one of the following requirements:
    • DD-214 reflects that Home of Record At Time of Entry was Texas
    • DD-214 reflects that Place (Point) of Entry was Texas
    • Veteran must prove they were a Texas resident at the time they entered if DD-214 does not reflect Texas as Home of Record or Point of Entry as Texas. Please contact the Office of Veterans Services regarding what documentation is appropriate to prove your residency at the time of entry into active duty.
  3. Veteran must meet one of the following requirements:
    • Currently reside (live) in Texas however does not have to currently be a resident of Texas.
    • Currently Active Duty (or spouse is active duty) and can supply military orders showing assignment outside of Texas and provide most recent three months' Leave and Earnings Statements showing Texas to be the person's home.
  4. Veteran cannot have federal veterans education benefits dedicated to the payment of tuition and fees unless resident tuition and fees exceed those benefits (ex. Post 9/11 GI Bill®).
  5. Veteran cannot be in default on a student loan made or guaranteed by the state of Texas.
  6. Veteran must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress as determined for financial aid purposes.
  7. Veteran must be state funded. Veterans who are deemed non-state funded by the Office of the Registrar due to having attempted an excessive number of credit hours are ineligible for Hazlewood.

Veterans must provide the institution with all required supporting documentation no later than the last class date of the semester or term to which the exemption applies.