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Integrity Award (3 University Awards)

The Integrity Award recognizes a staff member who holds themselves to the highest ethical standards and is committed to serving others through transparency and accountability.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Volunteers time or resources to work on improvement projects on the Tarleton campus or outside the University community.
  • Develops and maintains relationships that extend the reputation and impact of the University
  • Volunteers through exemplary service or provision of resources to help with Tarleton events outside of the normal job duties of the employee.
  • Creates an atmosphere of openness encouraging others to feel that any concern will be heard and acted upon
  • Behaves ethically and ensures organizational compliance 
  • Treats others fairly and truthfully

2022 Winners and Nominees

2022 Winners:
Sabrina Baker Finance and Administration
Kayla Kelly External Operations
Kajsa Pearson Enrollment Management