TWC Summer Camp

Tarleton Physics Program

The Physics program at Tarleton State University will offer a 2019 Physics & Astronomy Camp on the Tarleton State University campus in Stephenville, Texas. The camp is a two week residential camp designed to provide 32 high achieving math and science students who have just completed their freshman, sophomore, or junior year of high school in Texas with the opportunity to:

  1. Do in-depth study, including hands on activities/research in one of five Physics enrichment areas with a Tarleton faculty member
  2. Have fun with other bright high school and university students interested in physics
  3. Learn about career opportunities in Physics and other STEM related field;
  4. Learn skills necessary for university success
  5. Learn modeling, chemistry, and construction techniques
  6. Go on visits to a nuclear power plant and other industrial sites

During the first week of the camp, the student will perform a variety of activities in physics, programming, engineering, astronomy, and chemistry. At the end of the week the student will select from one of the following five Physics enrichment areas for more in depth study.

  1. Astronomy/Astrophysics
  2. Physics of Optics/Lasers
  3. Physics of Electronics
  4. Nuclear/Health Physics
  5. Medical Physics

While a past high school physics course isn’t a requirement for selection, it is necessary for some of the enrichment areas. Historically, a large fraction of campers have had AP Physics, although some campers have had no physics background. A student’s passion for physics and their potential to be a successful future physics major is one of several selection criteria.

Camp Sessions 

  • Sunday June 16 (evening orientation and admission to dorms) to Saturday June 29 

Housing & Food

Students will be housed in one of the Tarleton Dorms and Residential Dorm Coordinators will be on site 24/7. Each dorm or apartment is furnished and includes basic cable and high speed internet access. Laundry facilities is on site and free to use. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals will be provided by the camp for each day of the camp. There is no dinner meal on Sunday evening check-in prior to the start of camp or lunch on the Saturday after the end of the camp. Instead, light snacks (sandwiches or pizza) and cokes will be provided.

Camp Cost & Eligibility:

Student – $0

32 students will be selected to attend the camp on scholarships from the Texas Workforce Commission. The scholarships cover all costs at the camp including instructional materials, food and lodging.

Student travel from the student’s home to the camp and from the camp to the student’s home are not covered by the scholarship.

Camper Information Page

If you have been accepted to the camp, then the following link will take you to a page listing everything you need to know when you get to the camp.

Scholarship & Camp Application (Closed)

Since we have more than 30 additional applicants than we have camp slots, we are no longer accepting applications for this year’s camp. Check back next year to see if we recieve funding for a 2020 Tarleton Physics Summer Camp.

For those who have already submitted an application with a teacher letter of recommendation, the committee will consider your file for any remaining spots. The decision of the committee will be updated on the Roster webpage.

Once a scholarship slot has been awarded, the student will recieve an email with an acceptance form. The student will have a short window to sign and return the acceptance form or decline the spot. Any spots that are declined will be re-awrded to our alternate list of applicants from our existing pile.

Contact Us

Student’s wishing to apply for the Tarleton 2019 Physics Camp need to:

Email Letters: 

For more information about the camps, contact Dr. Marble at 254-968-9880.