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What is Texans 4 Texans Tutoring

Texans 4 Texans Tutoring (T4T) Services is part of the Academic Resource Center (ARC). All tutoring services offered by Tarleton State University are free of charge for Tarleton State University Students. The T4T tutoring office is located in Room 155 of the Library Learning Commons in the Dick Smith Library. T4T tutoring services is certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). Students can choose tutors from over 16 academic disciplines and over 50 individual subjects.


  • Selected based on academic performance and interpersonal skills
  • Receive at least 10 hours of training per-semester

Tutor Sessions

  • Tutors session my have from 1-3 people per session in a given subject
  • Sessions are scheduled for in one hour increments 
  • Sessions take place in approved locations in the library or on a case by case basis in residence halls


  • Dick Smith Library Learning Commons Room 155 (Next to the Tech Spot)
  • Barry B. Thompson Student Center lower level Room 15 (Same office as SSMI)