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TPC Class Websites

Videos of classes taught by TPC instructors over the Trans Texas Video System are maintained on this site in order to provide students in these classes with an opportunity to view classes that they may missed due to illness or other conflicts as well as for individual study.

General Relativity & Cosmology - (UG)
Electromagnetic Field Theory - (UG)
Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers - (UG)
Intermediate Mechanics
Modern Physics I - (UG)
Modern Physics II - (UG)
Quantum Physics - (UG)
Solid State Physics - (UG)
Thermodynamics - (UG)
Nuclear Physics - (UG)
Physics of Medical Imaging - (UG)
Advanced Laboratory - (UG)
Introduction to Atomic Physics & Radiation - (UG)
Radiation Detection I - (UG)
Radiation Detection II - (UG)
Radiation Protection & Dosimetry - (UG)
Environmental Radiation Seminar - (UG)