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Texas Physics Consortium


Texas Physics Consortium (TPC) is a group of Physics Departments that pool faculty expertise and institutional resources to provide access to quality upper-level undergraduate and graduate physics courses.  The TPC use of pooled resources provides their students with the wide range of upper level physics courses usually available at only large institutions while maintaining the intimate student-faculty interaction of a small department.  The TPC has submitted an application to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for all TPC institutions except Commerce to award a single Joint BS Physics Degree. If the proposal is approved, the TPC would become the third largest producer of B.S. Physics Graduates in Texas.

Administrative Forms - MOU

The basic administrative structure of the Texas Physics Consortium  is defined by a signed Memorandum of Understanding between the member institutions. This MOU details how money is transferred and courses are offered. The implementation of the MOU and assessment of the Joint Degree is carried out using procedures developed by the faculty of the Texas Physics Consortium and approved by a Council composed of the Deans of the member institutions.

Faculty & Administrative Forms

These are administrative forms that are required to be filled out by TPC faculty by the various institutions.

  • Texas Southern No-Pay Form - PDF  (Non-TSU Faculty Teaching a TSU Class - Complete & Return To Dr. Handy)
  • Tarleton-Waco Faculty Form - PDF (Tarleton Stephenville Faculty Facilitating Waco Campus Students)

Advising Forms

Students wanting to take courses from the Texas Physics Consortium should seek admission from a member institution. Once admitted as a student to a member institution, the student should meet with a TPC Advisor to register for courses and to submit the required TPC Student Admission Form.

The following forms are used to enter and remove students from member institution from the Texas Physics Consortium student database and course management systems as well as request approval by Council of Deans of substitution of a required TPC course in the Joint Degree.

Completed forms should be sent electronically as PDF attachments to the Chair of the Texas Physics Consortium at

Graduation Checkout & Certification Forms

The following forms are to be filled out and submitted along with any required supporting documentation to the Chair of the Texas Physics Consortium at least one semester prior to a student's intended graduation date. 

Any student either entering a physics program after Fall 2011 or graduating after 8/31/2018 must graduate under the Joint BS Physics Degree Plan.

Completed forms should be sent electronically as PDF attachments to the Chair of the Texas Physics Consortium at

Curriculum Forms

The following curriculum forms are requests for course additions and modifications as well as program changes. All forms must follow the TPC curriculum approval process starting with submission of the required forms to the TPC Curriculum Committee Chair.

Master Syllabi

Links to the latest versions of master syllabi for TPC Courses.