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Fall 2015 Course Schedule


The TPC uses multiple instructional methods to provide instruction to students in each course based upon the nature of the course and the location and needs of the student. Methods used include face-to-face instruction at the local campus, live interactive video to remote campus sites using the Trans Texas Video Network, non-interactive live Webcasts from Texas A&M System for delivery to home or work, streaming archived video for students unable to make class using the Texas A&M System Media Matrix, interactive web conferencing and archived video through the Saba Centra for nuclear engineering courses.

The Texas Physics Consortium also provides upper-level physics courses to Texas A&M University-Central Texas to support the B.S. Mathematics with Secondary Math/Physics Teaching Certification.

Fall 2015 Class Schedule

Joint BS Physics Degree Courses
Course Date & Time Course Provider  Group
Mechanics MWF 10:00-10:50 Dr. Craig - West Texas 2
Quantum Mechanics MWF 11:00-11:50 Dr. Cox - Kingsville 1
Physics Research Project (TTVN Portion) MWF 12:00-1250 Dr. Vrinceanu- Texas Southern 1&2
Thermodynamics MWF 1:00-1:50 Dr. Albataineh - Kingsville 1
Electromagnetism TR 11:00-12:15 Dr. Handy- Texas Southern 2
Modern Physics I MWF 12:00-12:50 Dr. Marble - Tarleton 1

Radiation Detection II - 3 hours

(Class has embedded 2 hr lab Adv. Elective in Health Physics)

TR 1:00-2:25

Lab (2 hrs)-TBA

Dr. Harvey-Texas Southern 1&2
Modern II/Material Science - 3hr Adv. Elective TR 1:00-2:25 Dr. Clewtt - West Texas 1&2
Nuclear Engineering (Yearly Rotation) & Graduate/Advanced Undergraduate Courses (Two Year Rotation)
Course Offered/ Date & Time Course Provider
Nuclear Power Plant Fundamentals Yes/Asynchronous Texas A&M University/NPI
Nuclear Power Plant Operations - Pressure Water Reactor Yes/Asynchronous Texas A&M University/NPI
Nuclear Power Plant Systems No/Asynchronous Texas A&M University/NPI
Nuclear Power Plant Human Performance  No/Asynchronous Texas A&M University/NPI
Advanced Mechanics Offered Spring 2013 Texas A&M - Kingsville
Advanced Electromagnetism Fall 2013/'Async' Texas A&M - Kingsville
Advanced Quantum Mechanics Offered Fall 2012 Texas A&M - Kingsville
Advanced Statistical Mechanics Offered Spring 2012 Texas A&M - Kingsville
Advanced Math Methods Offered Fall 2011 Texas A&M - Kingsville