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Required State Exams

What happens if you don't pass the content test?

You are not automatically eliminated from TMATE. If time allows, you will be able to retest. See the testing requirements outlined in the Student Handbook

Following are links to assist with certification testing:

Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, schools and teachers will only need to meet state requirements for certification. The federal term of “highly qualified teacher status” will no longer apply. It is important to note that all state certification requirements adopted in State Board for Educator Certification rule remain in place.

Recent Development Regarding Testing

House Bill 2205, signed by Governor Abbott and effective September 1, 2015, limits the number of times a candidate may take an exam:

"A person may not retake an examination more than four times … a person who initially took an examination before September 1, 2015, may retake the examination up to four times after that date, regardless of the number of times that the person attempted to perform satisfactorily on the examination before that date."

It is important that you prepare for the Pearson prior to taking it.