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Interested in forming a Study Group?

Coordinated Group Study

What is the Coordinated Group Study Program?

Coordinated Group Study (CGS) is a free support program intended to connect students to gain a deeper understanding of course material through structured group interactions. CGS helps bring classmates together for an organized, informal Coordinated Group Study that is especially useful for students enrolled in courses not supported by tutoring or supplemental instruction. Each study group will be assigned a study group mentor. The Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) helps classmates connect and form study groups, assists with contracts and agreed upon expectations, and supports success during group study times.

Study Groups:

Study groups are intended to be supportive and judgement-free, consisting of reliable, determined, and equally dedicated team members. With the assistance of the study group mentor, each group is self-directed and organized. Study groups typically consist of 3 to 6 members.

Group Contract:

Each group will work with the program facilitator to form a contract prior to their first meeting. The contract is an agreed upon outline of the group’s expectations, meeting time and location, contact information, and individual member contribution. The contract is an integral part in establishing the long-term success of the study group.

Creating a Group:

To create a study group through the Coordinated Group Study program, either:

You may already know who you would like to form a group with, or you may not. If you know you would like to work with please include contact information for all members. If you do not, the TLC will reach out to other classmates on your behalf. 


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