Liability Waiver Form- All visitors to Timberlake Biological Field Station must complete a Liability Waiver Form. Please email completed forms to the director prior to your visit or bring them to the Green Cabin immediately upon arrival.

Slow Moving Vehicle Training is now required for anyone operating an ATV/UTV. For TAMUS employees, log in to Single Sign On, and search for course 2112256 in TrainTraq. Upon completion of the course please email the director with confirmation.

ACCIDENTS: Must be reported to TBFS management if property damage or personal injury is involved.

ATVs/BOATS: All motorized vehicles must remain on designated trails and county roads with a maximum speed of 20 mph. In terms of aquatic vessels, all passengers must wear life jackets.

DRUGS/ALOCHOL: Consuming or possessing alcohol on TBFS property is prohibited, unless prior approval is obtained through station management. The use or possession of illegal drugs will not be tolerated in any way shape or form. Violation of this policy will result in loss of visitation rights.

FIRES/FIREWOOD: Contained charcoal and wood fires are strictly prohibited except in designated areas. Dead and down wood may be collected for campfires provided the wood is not part of a research project. The use of chainsaws is prohibited unless prior approval is obtained from TBFS management.

FIREARMS: Must be unloaded and cased or otherwise packed in such a way to prevent use.

GATES: Although TBFS is no longer part of a working cattle ranch, research projects involving grazing animals may be taking place. As such, please be mindful of how you leave any gates that you pass through on the ranch. If guests need to open a gate, they must close it immediately behind them. If a gate is open, guests should leave the gate open.

GREEN PRACTICES: Be judicious of your use of resources (e.g., electricity, water, supplies) at all times while at TBFS. Any markers, flagging, tags, etc. must be approved by TBFS management. Guests are required to remove such markers at the competition of their study.

HUNTING: Hunting is strictly prohibited unless prior approval from TBFS management is obtained, and if allowed hunters must provide documentation of necessary state permits.

REGISTRATION: All guests must obtain prior approval from TBFS management before visiting the station.

SAFETY: All guests should stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and Gatorade. Texas summers are hot and dry, which can quickly dehydrate quests of TBFS. In addition, guests should remain vigilant of venomous snakes (e.g. rattlesnakes and copperheads) and other hazards such as poison ivy.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Be considerate of others and keep noise down. Always ask permission from TBFS management before appropriating station tools for your own use. Remember, TBFS does not provide personal caretakers. Please pick up after yourself (wash own dishes after every meal, keeping pavilion area clean, clear tent sites thoroughly, clean bathrooms, etc.) and help with camp chores in a spirit of camaraderie.

WILDLIFE: Feeding wildlife, unless part of a research project, is prohibited. All stored foods must be in a rigid locker, vehicle, or kept in such a manner as to be inaccessible to foraging animals. More importantly, do not handle any animals with which you are unfamiliar or for which you are untrained. Instead, maintain an appropriate distance from wildlife and seek to learn how best to approach target species from researchers who have worked with them previously.