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Past Projects

Recreational Use Attainability Analysis (RUAAs) Completed by TIAER

Nolan Creek Watershed Partnership

  • For more information on the current Nolan Creek/South Nolan Creek Watershed Protection Plan, please visit:

2015 Cochran Program for U.S Dairy Cattle Nutrition & Management

  • The executive team at TIAER customized an ambitious, two-week (15 day) program, entitled the “U.S. Dairy Cattle Nutrition & Management – Algeria and Tunisia Program”, which largely focused on dairy farm management, dairy cattle health to increase milk production, and genetics and reproduction. Objectives expressed by the Fellows were met by 1) attending the 2015 World Dairy Expo, 2) touring local, Texas dairies, 3) touring the Texas A&M Veterinary Clinic, and 4) attending lectures from Tarleton State University professors and other private sector professionals, all of whom have numerous years working in the field of dairy management within the U.S. The program provided various demonstrations and tours while also incorporating interactive, hands-on lectures from Tarleton State University professors and professionals within the veterinarian and dairy industry. Lectures were designed to be interactive while encouraging discussions among the various trainers and the Fellows.

Ethopia Consortium