Prices valid 9/1/22 to 8/31/23

Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research

* accredited- NELAP Certificate # T104704249-21-21

AnalyteMethodMatrixCost per sampleNormal turnaround time
*BODSM 5210BNonpotable water$43.077 days
*CBOD5SM 5210 BNonpotable water$44.057 days
*CBOD20SM 5210 BNonpotable water$51.2535 days
Chlorophyll A  (only $12.29 more with Pheophytin A)SM 10200 HNonpotable water$51.0735 days
*CODHach 8000Nonpotable water$53.6935 days
*conductivitySM 2510 BNonpotable water$13.0328 days
*E. coli (with Total coliform)ColilertNonpotable water$42.485 days
*E. coli (enumeration)ColilertDrinking water$42.48Next Business Day
*E. coli (presence/absence)SM 9223/ ColilertDrinking water$20.00Next Business Day
*Total coliform (presence/absence)SM 9223/ ColilertDrinking waterFree with  E. coliNext Business Day
*E. coli (m-TEC)EPA 1603Nonpotable water$88.605 days
*Ammonia as nitrogenSM 4500-NH3 GNonpotable water$35.65 28 days
*Nitrate-nitrite as nitrogenSM 4500-NO3 FNonpotable water$38.0028 days
*Low level nitratenitrite as nitrogenSM 4500-NO3 ENonpotable water$67.7028 days
*Orthophosphate phosphorus (to 5 ppb)SM 4500-P ENonpotable water$25.897 days
*Orthophosphate phosphorus- very low level (<1 ppb)SM 4500-P ENonpotable water$73.947 days
*pHSM 4500-H BNonpotable water$15.367 days
*Solids, totalSM 2540 BNonpotable water$14.3714 days
*Solids, total suspendedSM 2540 DNonpotable water$26.7614 days
*Solids, total dissolvedSM 2540 CNonpotable water$22.9314 days
(Reviewed and approved 8/5/2022-jrh)
*Solids, total volatileEPA 160.4Nonpotable water$31.6614 days
Solids, total fixedEPA 160.4Nonpotable water$31.66 (free with TVS) 14 days
*Solids, volatile suspendedEPA 160.4Nonpotable water$37.7814 days
*Total phosphorusEPA 365.4Nonpotable water$44.62 28 days
*Total phosphorus low level <10ppbEPA 365.4Nonpotable water$70.7328 days
*Total Kjeldahl nitrogenSM 4500-NH3 G, Norg BNonpotable water$39.3328 days

Special combination packages 

  TP/TKN combined    Nonpotable water$67.70

Other Services

Sample compositing in labNonpotable waterVariesCall first
Storm sample composite bottle preparationNonpotable waterVariesCall first
* Analyte TNI accredited under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program 
  • Field sampling & measurements, monitoring, mobile lab services, complete watershed modeling and programs also available.
  • Please call for negotiable pricing on larger groups of samples.  We have NELAP accredited partners for subcontracting of pesticides, herbicides, organics and metals, as needed
  • Volume discounts available for larger numbers of samples.  On call for weekends and available on holidays and after hours.  Please see sample acceptance policy. We are always open to special research studies and requests for difficult samples.

Sample Acceptance Policy: TIAER retains the right to refuse acceptance of any sample and return any and all portions of samples to the client.  Samples submitted with little holding time remaining may not be analyzed in time to meet project requirements.  Samples should have at least 50% of holding time remaining when submitted.  Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, Client should submit samples collected and preserved in accordance with 40 CFR 136, the 2016 TNI Standard, or other regulatory requirement stated by the Client’s project.  TIAER Lab shall not be responsible for data accuracy on samples improperly collected, preserved or submitted.  Samples not appropriately collected, preserved or submitted may be accepted and analyzed by the TIAER Lab at the request of the Client.  Unless previously arranged, normal sample acceptance hours without premium fees are Monday-Friday, 0800-1600, exclusive of official Tarleton holidays.  Samples submitted outside of the normal hours may be processed at a premium surcharge. By signing to relinquish the sample(s) above, the Client or Client’s representative hereby agrees to this policy & conforms to Contract or Cooperative Agreement between Client and TIAER.

For further information, please contact:

James Hunter, TIAER Lab Manager

Box T-0410 Stephenville, TX 76402

(Reviewed and approved 8/23/2023-jrh)