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Building Access

Your Texan Card can be used for access to many buildings on campus. If you require access, contact your department head who can request the access through the appropriate building manager. Please include the days/hours for access. ex. 24/7 all doors, M-F 8-5 East Only, etc.

If access needs to be canceled, it is the department's responsibility to notify the Texan Card Office staff immediately.

Buildings utilizing the Texan Card system for building access include
Administration Building Exterior Doors - East and West
Interior Doors - Business service
Administration Annex II Help Desk and Telecommunications
All Residence Halls Exterior Doors
Autry Room 210
Business Exterior Doors
Interior Doors - 2nd Floor Classrooms
Central Receiving Main Entrance and Warehouse
Clinical Lab Sciences Exterior Doors - Main Entrance
Dick Smith Library Exterior Doors - East, Dock, North and South
Clyde Wells Fine Arts Center Interior Doors - Practice Rooms
EJ Howell 205
Hydrology Exterior Doors
Some Classrooms
Math Exterior Doors - North and West
Interior Doors - Room 201, 201A, 201K
Meats Lab Main Entrance and Dock
Mechanical Room Residence Halls
Nursing Exterior Doors
Interior Doors - Classrooms and Labs
OA Grant Exterior Doors - East, West and North
Interior Doors - Rooms 220, 221
Physical Facilities Exterior Doors
Recreational Sports Stairwell Entrance
Science Exterior Doors - North Hallway East and West
Tarleton Center Exterior Door and Basement
Telecommunication Rooms Residence Halls, OA Grant, Math, Dick Smith Library, Science, Dining Facility, Rec Sports
Thompson Student Center Exterior Doors - East, West, South, Publications, Dock, Post Office, West Workroom
Interior Doors - Advising Center
Trogdon House Entrance
Welcome Center Exterior Doors
Wisdom Gym Exterior Doors - North, South, Military Science and Police

If you have any questions, please contact the Texan Card Office.