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Wireless Connectivity Across Campus

Tarleton offers wireless network access inside campus buildings and in many outside common spaces. Coverage is provide for the convenience of our students, faculty, and staff. Hotspots are areas designed to provide wireless coverage for a limited range of access. Tarleton wireless network access is intended for basic connectivity to the Internet (i.e. to check your email and browse the web).

Residence Hall Wireless

Internet service including some wireless hotspots, for students residing in Residential Living and Learning facilities, are provide by Apogee, Inc.

Who Can Use the Wireless Network at Tarleton?

Tarleton students, faculty, and staff with valid Tarleton network credentials (NTNET login ID and password) can access the wireless network on campus.

  • "Tarleton-WiFi": This encrypted network allows Internet access, including university resources — email and T-drive. This preferred wireless network is used for conducting university business across campus
  • "Tarleton-Visitors": This network is for visitors who are not Tarleton affiliated but require Internet access while on campus

Guests who do not have an NTNET account can request a temporary account for wireless access while on campus. If you are having trouble getting connected, please visit the Visitor Wireless instructions.

If you have problems logging in or using the Internet tutorials, please contact the Help Desk or visit us at the Tech Spot in the Library Learning Common.

Eduroam at Tarleton State University

Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure wireless network service that allows students, staff, and faculty to access wireless network services while visiting other eduroam participating institutions. This service is available without having to set up a guest account, by simply using their home institution's wireless credentials.

This enables a visitor from one participating university to gain network access at another. Visitors no longer need to request temporary wireless guest accounts at participating institutions; instead they just use the same username and password as they would at their home institution.

How to use Eduroam

When at an Eduroam participating institution look for the wireless network “eduroam” and select connect. At Tarleton State University the “eduroam” SSID uses the following settings:

  • Network security type: WPA2 (sometimes referred to as WPA2-Enterprise)
  • Data encryption: AES
  • Authentication: Secured password via Protected EAP (PEAP) with Microsoft CHAP (MSCHAPv2)
  • Authentication Servers: or
  • Trusted Root Certification Authority: AddTrust External CA Root

When a user logs in, the request for authentication will go to the home institution, the home institution will verify the user and pass back a confirmation that the user’s credentials are valid. Passwords are not shared between institutions.

Your login username consists of both your home institution username @ your home institution name (i.e. or ).Your password is the same as your home institution password.

Setup Documents

Configuring your wireless device to use the “eduroam” wireless network is very similar to setting up the “Texans-NTNET” secure network. Simply use “eduroam” instead of “Texans-NTNET” as the SSID. Ensure that you enter your username as home institution username @ your home institution name (i.e. or ). Your password will be that same as one you use at your home institution.

Note: During wireless setup, leave the Domain field blank.

What restrictions does Eduroam have?

While you're connected to the eduroam wireless network at Tarleton State University, your wireless device will be placed in an area that is separate from the main Tarleton State University network (Texans-NTNET). There may be some internal network resources that are not available to you through your “eduroam” wireless connection. Contact the Tarleton State University help desk if you need to request Tarleton NTNET credentials.

If you require access to resources at your home institutions that the eduroam connection doesn't provide, you can enable an additional connection to the Tarleton State University VPN in order to receive on-campus-equivalent network access.

Eduroam Participating Institutions

Eduroam is offered throughout 36 European countries, 6 Asia-Pacific countries, the United States and Canada.

Eduroam has a number of maps with member institutions worldwide. Click the links below to see maps from around the world with location points for eduroam institutions.

  • Eduroam-Asia-Pacific
  • Eduroam-CA
  • Eduroam-Europe
  • Eduroam-US

Eduroam Support

Technical support for eduroam is provided by the home institution; visitors will need to call their home institution for technical assistance. Tarleton State University students, faculty and staff visiting other institutions participating in eduroam, should contact the Tarleton Help desk at 254-968-9885 ( for technical assistance. Technical support for eduroam is provided by the home institution.

Note: The local eduroam network will only work for visiting guests.

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