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When outside Tarleton’s campus network, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) helps employees and students access the Tarleton network including T: drives from home.

To log in to Tarleton VPN, use your NTNET Username and Password.

Before Installing the VPN

Installing the Tarleton VPN Client software on require Administrator privileges. If you do not have Administrator privileges, you must have someone with Administrator privileges install the product for you.

The latest operating system service packs and security updates must be downloaded and installed before installing and using the Tarleton VPN Client.

Tarleton VPN Client Installation

Once you’ve logged off Tarleton’s network, you can download the Tarleton VPN Client:

  1. Enter your NTNET credentials when prompted
  2. Allow the Active X to install
  3. The program will automatically determine which operating system you are running and install the Cisco AnyConnect client

Client install may require a system reboot. You must be connected to a network other than Tarleton State University’s. View VPN Walkthrough

VPN Troubleshooting

  • When you are attempting to use the VPN client, make sure that you have logged off of Tarleton’s network
  • Some ISP's block VPN for security reasons. If you think this might be the case, contact your ISP
  • In addition, some ISP's may charge for the service of using VPN on their network