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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service allows access to a “virtual” desktop. The Tarleton virtual desktops run Windows and offer access to much of the software Tarleton students will need during their academic career. VDI supports enhanced user mobility and remote access. You can access a virtual desktop from the VMware Horizon View client installed on an existing laptop, PC, or tablet. You can also access a virtual desktop from a browser. You can safely access a virtual desktop from any location as long as you have a good internet connection.

Through VDI you have access to the following:


The virtual desktop gives you access to Tarleton’s computer lab software.

T: Drives:

Just like a computer lab workstation, you'll have access to your T: drive files from the virtual desktop.


The virtual desktop allows you to send documents to the Tarleton My Print Center.

Key features and benefits

  • VDI is accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity, allowing students, faculty and staff to easily work from off-site using their own laptop, PC, mobile device or tablet.
  • VDI is like having a Tarleton computer available on-demand.
  • ITS routinely applies new software and updates to all VDI desktops, allowing quick response to rapidly changing requirements for teaching and learning.
  • VDI is a secure remote computing solution requiring Tarleton NTNET credentials to access.