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Faculty & Staff Software

Discounted Software Available for Home Use

A&M Software Portal: for your machine

Software Purchases for Office Computers

Submit a work order for a software request. The portal will return a price quote. Upon approval, you can order a license, and proceed with the installation. IT Service will charge your account for the software.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud apps for work at home are available using these instructions:

  1. Go to Tarleton's On The Hub (disregard the "There are no products available for purchase at this time" message)
  2. Select Sign In at the top, then select Register
  3. Enter your Tarleton email address, then select Continue
  4. You will receive an email from with a link, select the link to confirm your Tarleton email address
  5. Set up your account: create a password different from your Tarleton password
  6. You will now see Adobe Creative Cloud as a purchase option, complete the purchase for $9.75 with your credit card
  7. Follow the instructions in email to download and install your choice of Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  8. Installation of Adobe Creative Cloud applications require an Adobe ID. IT Service recommends that you use a personal email account, rather than your Tarleton email account, for Adobe ID purposes

Adobe Creative Cloud Renewal Instructions

  1. Go to On The Hub
  2. Sign in to your onthehub account (this is your Tarleton email and the password you set up)
  3. Select Your Account/Orders at the top right
  4. Select on Your Eligibility
  5. Select Renew Eligibility
  6. Fill out any information needed in the form and continue
  7. You will receive an email on your Tarleton email account, select the first link to confirm
  8. The link will direct you to On The Hub, and will display your confirmation
  9. Log out of onthehub and then log back in, Adobe will now show up as an item available for purchase