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DUO Bypass Codes

In some instances, a mobile device may not be available for authentication.

For example:

  • A cell phone was left at home
  • Cell phone use is prohibited
  • A cellular signal and WiFi signal are not available 

In these situations DUO bypass codes can be generated.

Obtaining Bypass Codes in Advance

If you know in advance that you will need a passcode but will not have WiFi or cellular access or if cell phone use in an area is not allowed, you can obtain bypass codes in advance.

  • Go to
  • Login
  • Select Enter a Passcode
  • Select Text me new codes
  • You will receive passcodes via text message. Document the bypass codes for later use.

Passcodes are valid until they have been used. 

If bypass codes are needed without any type of mobile device available, please call the helpdesk at (254) 968‐9885