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Math Humor

Geometry Jokes

I am sorry I cannot give credit where credit is due.  These jokes were given to me without an author.  I also can't even remember who gave them to me, but I wanted to share some math humor with you.

What do you call a man who spent all summer at the beach?
Answer:  Tangent

What do you say when you see an empty parrot cage?
Answer: Polygon

What do you call a crushed angle?
Answer: a Rectangle

What did the Italian say when the witch doctor removed the curse?
Answer: Hexagon

What did the little acorn say when he grew up?
Answer: Geometry

What do you call an angel which is adorable?
Answer: Acute

What do you use to tie up a package?
Answer: A Chord

What do you call a fierce beast?
Answer: A Line

What do you call more than one L?
Answer: A Parallel

What do you call people who are in favor of tractors?
Answer: Protractors

What should you do when it rains?
Answer: Coincide