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The History of the Eta Nu Chapter

The Eta Nu chapter of Tau Beta Sigma was recognized as the 181st chapter into the national organization on March 13, 1986 at Tarleton State University. With Howard Payne University serving as the membership candidate trainers, their Delta Upsilon chapter plus Ann Sheets, our National President, were present at the final ceremony held in the C.H. Wells Fine Arts Center.

After going through a colonization period of one year, the Eta Nu chapter came into being. Charter members were: President:Linda Butts, Vice President Dena Dietert, Secretary: Donna Brown, Treasurer:Robin Freeman, Reporter/Historian: Melissa Hallmark, and Parliamentarian: Jana Hill. Mr. Milton Fox was the sponsor and Dr. Christina Rosner was Eta Nu's first honorary member. As a membership candidate project, the charter members made the large wooden TBS letters and painted them.

Eta Nu's Classes:

The Alpha Class: Amber Hosford, Melanie Samford, and Shannon Westbrook. They were initiated on July 4, 1986. Another honorary member Johnathan Hooper was inducted. Their class project was refilling and reorganizing the music library.

The Beta Class: Teresa Beck, Susan Burton, Shelly Crow, Pamela Guidry and Jennifer Meador. Their project was to renovate the old band banner and add TBS and KKY letters to it. Both classes kept the letters in very good shape.

The Gamma Class consisted of Jill Benton, Ann Carroll, Renee Fenner, June Freeman, Penny Gray, Melinda Hayes, Kimberlyn Land, Mandi Reeves, Debra Schilicke and Stacie Woodrum. This class was in charge of buying two large water coolers for band.

The Delta Class included Jodena Anthony, Kristy Boyd, Janie Jergins, Cossette McCollough, Lori Steppick and Yolanda Salinas. Their project was to create and maintain a First Aid kit for the band.

The Epsilon Class: Dea Bentrup, Cari Greer, Mary Killeen, Amy Laundry, Samantha Mingus, M'Layne Taylor, Charleen Trunk and Jolitha Walker. Dr. Mary Jane Mingus was inducted as an honorary member. Their project was to make the large TBS flag for football games.

The Zeta Class included Joylynn Auvenshine, Rose Beddingfield, Kelly Bertholf, Calli Kleibrink, Leslie Lowey, Vanessa Runnels, Heide Schorer, Cari Stone, Kimberly Toten, Joy Vise and Sharon Wrinkle. Their class project was making a plume holder that could be transported to and from the games. The Eta Class included Leigh Brown, Dee Rape and Suzie Stursman. Debra Hooper was made the official sponsor. Their project was making the membership portfolio that hangs in the band hall.

The Theta Class: Leslie P. Collins, Tonya Cook, Tomilyn Roberts and Tiffany Rowe. Their project was to replenish the first aid kit, create a "fun box" with artistic supplies and purchase a punch bowl.

The Iota Class consisted of Natalie Bruner, Elizabeth Diamond, Nicole Florey, Karen Keith, Jeanan Stephenson and Angela Tarman. Their project was to overhaul the band uniforms.

The Kappa Class included Karleen Simpson, Melinda Gaines, Jennifer Payne, Amy Caraway, Lisa Dorsey, Kimberly Crump, Susan Guidry, Jennifer Kennemore, Leigh Talbert, Kelly Knauf, Stacey Shelton, Polly Smith and Stephanie White. Their project was to repair the uniforms.

The Lambda Class: Ann Blaine, Michelle Convington, Christy Elliot, Yasmin Ferrier, Mandi Harding, Kelly Richie and Trudy Roberts. Their project was to organize the uniform room.

The Mu Class included Stephanie Carter, Ginger Dillard, Mandy Fagan, Lori Falls, Izzie Landeros, Bethany Lowrance, Brandy Mastan, April Parnell and Angela Rush. Their project was to repaint the TBS letters.

The Nu Class: Julie Seifert, Elicia Wade and Beth Meng. Their project was to clean and label the instrument room.

The Xi Class included Alyson Henigan, Terra Searcey, Joanne Kramb and Valerie Munn. Their project was to repain the TBS letters.

The Omicron Class included Danielle Huffman, Christina Patterson and Shauna Applegate. Their project was to clean and organize the TBS locker and clean the instrument room.

The Pi Class included Kitty Weaver, Melinda Squyres, Misty Glasgow, Kara Erickson, Janet Ramm, Carla Patterson, Summer Thomas, Sarah Vance and Amanda Whisenant. Their project was to build cases for all of the marching percussion.

The Rho Class included Katy Grady, Julia Stone, Sarah Collins, and Michelle McShan. Their project was to buy a tuner for the band.

The Sigma Class included Elise Babb, Shannon Edwards and Shelly Stegall. Their class project was to repaint the TBS letters.

The Tau Class included Kim Dahir, Tammy Johnson, Rebecca Duke and Rachel Lewis. Their class project was to buy the score commissioned by Tau Beta Sigma called Hands of Mercy.

The Upsilon Class included Kara Baese, Emily Brucks, Ruth Colvin, Bryce Halvorson, Cassi Lee, Deidre Lews, Jessica Rhinehart, Melissa Samuelson and Katie Parker. Their class project was to organize and replenish the "Beta Box."

The Phi Class included Stephanie Rhodes, Karrie Lawson, Schuyler Gott, Tiffany Wolf, Darci West, Leslie Beck, Emily Seawright, Kari Lechlitner, and Melanie Heath. Their class project was to help the KKY membership candidates build shelves for the marching drums in the band hall.

The Chi Class included Ashley Stricklin, Lindsay White, Tracy Wier, Maggie Goin, Lauren Green, Naomi Cooper, and Holli Hartman. Their project was to provide TBS with new robes.

The Psi Class included Megan Attwood, Danielle Martz, Jessica Minton, Keri Pair, and Kristi Whitworth. Their project was to provide the chapter with a new flag.

The Omega Class included Jessie Axelson, Lydia Colvin, Amy Falls, Liz Hunton, Kim Lilley, Danielle Norris, Charly Sandidge, Charli Whitehead, Sarah Zarate. Their project was to provide a wagon to pull supplies for marching season.

The Alpha Alpha Class included Alicia Garza, Monique Evans, Danae Sparkman, Meghan McCoy, and Laren Jackson. Their class project was to provide a plaque for the Lauren Green Memorial Scholarship fund and to begin raising funds to begin the Scholarship to remember their sister Lauren Green.

The Alpha Beta Class included Amanda Debusk, Brittany Lovelace, Scott Sergeant, Kate Kaplan, Jessica Norman, and Sarah Starkey. Their class project was to replenish old ritual items.

The Alpha Gamma Class included Amanda Arthurs, Heather Clary, Kristiana Flores, Preslee Keene, Micki King, and Victoria Mansfield.  Their class project was to purchase a portion of the needed hanging uniform bags for the marching band, The Sound and The Fury.

The Alpha Delta Class included Christal Castillo, Deborah Duddy, Daniela Fernandez, Caitlin Jacobs, Lisa Orner, Shea Thomas, and Scott Watson.  Their class project was to repaint the letters and make a new Beta Cart.